Camp at Home

Fox Valley Wildlife Center is excited to offer a new Summer Camp format for 2020!

Camp at Home is summer camp held in a small setting right in your backyard. As a parent, you control which campers are present and pick from one of two available topics, herpetology or ornithology.

Camp at Home is designed for a maximum of 4 campers. All social distancing recommendations from the CDC must be maintained.

Herps: Campers will explore the similarities between reptiles and amphibians, how scientists group them and the unique characteristics of herps. This program includes activities, discussions, and animal ambassador visits.

Birds: Campers will discover unique bird adaptations such as flight, song, and nest-building, as well as the importance of migration. Campers inspect biofacts such as feathers, skulls, and nests as well as learn to identify a few common bird calls. A visit from one of our ambassador birds will wrap up this camp session.

All programs start at 9:30 AM. $250 flat fee, up to 4 campers. Program duration is 90 minutes. Maximum travel distance from FVWC is 20 miles.

If you desire a third or fourth session, feel free to register for either a second “Herps” or “Birds” program and contact our education team at to discuss additional program options.

A signed Waiver, Health Affidavit and Pre-Camp Health Screening are required for all campers.

Please note, we will be bringing animals from our education department to the Camp at Home sessions. All pets must be left indoors to maintain the safety of our animals. Should the weather not be ideal for spending time outdoors, please have a designated second meeting location available indoors.

To register, click the link of an available session listed below:



For additional information, contact our education team at, or 630-365-3800.