Success Stories

We have thousands of animals come through our center every year. Here are just a few of the many patients that we have gone on to release back into the wild.

Warning! The following pictures are of actual patients and may contain graphic content.

Robin – Bird Pox

This robin came to us with a case of bird pox. Bird pox is in the same family as chicken pox and just like chicken pox it is very contagious to other birds. The robin was kept in isolation for a few weeks while the virus ran its course.

Robin 11 2015 bird pox combined

The Picture on the left was taken right after the robin was brought in. The picture on the right is just before we moved the bird to our outdoor flight cage.

Eastern Cottontail – Car Impact

When we received this cottontail it was in very bad shape. It was bleeding from its right eye and had signs of severe head trauma. Thankfully it was very keen on being released and bounced back from the injuries great!

Cottontail 12-2015 combination