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    Virtual Summer Camp

    This year, we are excited to offer a variety of virtual summer camp programming options for children of all ages. While we look forward to learning with your children at the wildlife center every summer, our campers' health and safety is always our number one priority. Based on ever-evolving public health recommendations, we have made the decision to offer our camps this summer in a virtual format.

    As you may know, Anderson Animal Shelter and Fox Valley Wildlife Center merged in spring of 2020. This summer, our two educational programs have come together to provide low-cost online summer day-camp programming for children and teens. A lot of careful planning has taken place to ensure these sessions are fun and engaging. You'll see more information below and on the Anderson Animal Shelter website. We'll also be adding even more sessions and topics soon.

    We've also worked hard to make these camps accessible and affordable to all children and teens, with each session costing no more than $10. If you know a child that would like to attend and cannot afford the cost, please get in touch with Carrie Frost at

    Our first week of virtual camp offerings include:

    11:00 am Cat Chat (ages 6-8)
    12:30 pm Speak Dog! (ages 6-8)
    2:00 pm Cat Chat (ages 9-12)
    3:30 pm Speak Dog! (9-12)

    11:00 am Frogs and Toads (ages 6-8)
    12:30 pm I Spy! Mammals (ages 6-8)
    2:00 pm I Spy! Mammals (ages 9-12)

    11:00 am Pollinators (ages 6-8)
    12:30 pm What's in a Howl? (ages 6-8)
    2:00 pm What's in a Howl? (ages 9-12)
    3:30 pm Pollinators (ages 9-12)

    11:00 am All About Anderson Animal Shelter (all ages)
    12:30 pm Behind the Scenes Tour at Fox Valley Wildlife Center (all ages)
    2:00 pm Design an Enclosure (ages 13+)
    3:30 pm Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, and Gerbils, Oh My! (ages 6-8)

    11:00 am Going Batty! (ages 6-8)
    3:30 pm Going Batty! (ages 9-12)

    11:00 am Speak Dog! (ages 6-8)
    12:30 pm Feather, Beaks and Talons (ages 6-8)
    2:00 pm Feather, Beaks and Talons (ages 9-12)

    11:00 am Speak Dog! (ages 9-12)
    12:30 pm Pups, Kits and Nestlings (ages 6-8)
    2:00 pm Pups, Kits and Nestlings (ages 9-12)
    3:30 pm Cat Chat (ages 6-8)

    12:30 pm Behind the Scenes Tour at Fox Valley Wildlife Center (all ages)
    2:00 pm Ethology (ages 13+)
    3:30 pm Cat Chat (ages 9-12)

    Click here for more information or to register!