Learning From Home

Fox Valley Wildlife Center is excited to offer new learning programs for students. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial connections between people and animals through programs that raise awareness and inspire kindness, empathy and respect throughout our community.

Through the “Learning From Home” series, students will investigate the ecosystems found in Kane County, discover unique characteristics of a variety of animals and learn how they can make a difference in climate change. Our ambassador animals are frequently featured in these lessons. These virtual lessons are free, with donations encouraged and appreciated! See below for the classes offered and registration links.

We are also offering in-person customized lessons as part of our “Learning From Home” series. We can help your students reach learning objectives for their grade level. Please reach out to our education team, at education@fvwc.org, for more information about pricing and to schedule your unique experience.

Virtual Class Schedule and Registration Links

Tuesday, September 8: Ecosystem Explorers- Did you know the glaciers of the “Ice Age” carved unique landscapes in Kane County? This program will explore the many ecosystems in our area, including their creation and the impact humans have had on them. Come discover ecosystems with us!

12pm: Ecosystem Explorers, 6-8 years old

1:30pm: Ecosystem Explorers, 9 years +

Tuesday, September 22: Amazing Animals– How is it that an owl can fly directly over your head, yet you never hear them?? Do you know why your teeth are shaped differently than a shark? This program will introduce some amazing adaptations! Unearth with us the uniqueness of the animal kingdom!

12pm: Amazing Animals, 6-8 years old

1:30pm: Amazing Animals, 9 years +

Tuesday, October 6: Eat Like an Animal- Each animal has a diet as unique as they are! We will explore how animals find food, how we can reduce our environmental impact and support our community locally!

12pm: Eat Like an Animal, 6-8 years old

1:30pm: Eat Like an Animal, 9 years +

Tuesday, October 13: “Social Distancing” in the Animal Kingdom- Is “social distancing” unique to humans during a pandemic? This program will investigate the social dynamics of the animal kingdom. Topics will include mating pairs, territorial ranges and migration.

1:30 pm All Ages

Tuesday, October 20: Hoot for Owls- Often referred to as “silent hunters”, owls are a great example of a nocturnal predator. We will explore the many adaptations of owls and students will even get to virtually meet our very own education great horned owl!

12pm: Hoot for Owls, 6-8 years old

1:30pm: Hoot for Owls, 9 years +

Tuesday, November 3: Mammals- Mammals are as unique as the environments they live in. Check out the uniqueness of mammals with us to reveal the characteristics we share with the mammalian class.

12pm: Mammals, 6-8 years old

1:30pm: Mammals, 9 years +

Tuesday, November 17: Birds- Birds can be found in water, on the ground, perched in trees, and soaring overhead. These special flying creatures inhabit all the continents of our planet. Learn about the unique qualities of birds and investigate with us how they have spread across the globe.

12pm: Birds, 6-8 years old

1:30pm: Birds, 9 years +

Tuesday, December 1: Climate Change- This program will introduce students to the ways in which climate change affects us close to home. Did you know you can make a difference within Kane County? Come find out how!

12pm: Climate Change, 6-8 years old

1:30pm: Climate Change, 9 years +

Tuesday, December 15: Winter Survival- Do I stay or do I go? Animals have adapted unique ways to survive cold winter months. Topics we will explore include migration, hibernation, and brumation.

12pm: Winter Survival, 6-8 years old

1:30pm: Winter Survival, 9 years +