Become an Intern


Become an Animal Handling Intern

Those who wish to learn more about wild animal rehabilitation should consider an internship. In addition to learning basic responsibilities of daily care and operations at the center, interns will work alongside staff to get experience and knowledge about triage and providing medical care.  Interns should be comfortable with:

  • Feeding animals (babies to adults)
  • Daily maintenance that includes cleaning, dishes and laundry
  • Speaking with the public when performing intake administration
  • Working with and handling wild animals (this includes contact with animal urine and feces)
  • Observing, learning about and assisting with cases of severe illness or trauma
  • Physical demands that include long periods of standing, bending, stretching, having quick reflexes

Interns are unpaid and work 10-30 hours per week for 150 hours. Most of our interns work May through August, but we need interns as early as March and as late as October. Prior animal care experience is helpful but not necessary.

To apply, please fill out the application and upload your resume and cover letter below. You must be at least 18 years old to apply. We work with any higher education facility to help obtain course credit. The earlier you apply, the better!

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